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Five Reasons Why You Need to Hire an NJ Motorcycle Accident Attorney

About 90,000 people are injured in motorcycle accidents each year. While the motorcyclist is to blame in some cases, the fault often lies with the driver of a passenger or commercial vehicle. If you happened to be in a motorcycle accident, it may be in your best interest to hire an attorney with experience in such cases.

1. Legal Counsel Could Determine If You Deserve Compensation

Not everyone will be eligible to claim compensation after a motorcycle crash. An example would be if you were the one who caused the accident. However, even if you were the cause, there’s still a small chance that you can obtain a settlement. You can then use the settlement to pay for your motorcycle injuries and repair your bike.

We advise that you do not attempt to figure out the amount of compensation that you’re owed. Furthermore, do not try and negotiate with your insurance company regarding the settlement as you may end up accepting less than you actually deserve. An experienced motorcycle injury lawyer in NJ can determine if you’re eligible to receive compensation and ensure that you get as much money as possible from the insurance company.

2. An Attorney Experienced in Motorcycle Accidents in NJ Will Explain How to File a Claim

If your motorcycle accident attorney determines that you are eligible for compensation, he or she will guide you by explaining the process of filing a claim. In some cases, filing a claim is almost as easy as negotiating a settlement with your insurance company. In other cases, however, you might have to take the case to court in order to get a settlement that’s acceptable to you.

Either way, your attorney can break down the process you have to go through to collect compensation. This will prove to be essential once you actually start the process.

3. A Lawyer Can Answer All Your Questions

It’s no secret that the average joe doesn’t know anything about filing claims or receiving compensation for a motorcycle injury. As such, it’s only natural that you will have a slew of questions to ask about how everything works. If you consult with a reputable motorcycle attorney, he or she will answer all your questions with no hesitation. It’s always worth having a motorcycle attorney you can trust as it’ll help give you peace of mind whenever something confuses you.

4. Legal Counsel Will Negotiate With Your Insurance Company

Before taking legal action, your attorney will contact your insurance company to see if they’ll be willing to negotiate a settlement. During this point, if you’re eligible for compensation, your insurance company has probably already contacted you to work out a settlement. The adjuster of your insurance company has also probably given you a low offer to keep you satisfied.

Now, hypothetically, let’s say you didn’t accept their offer. Your motorcycle injury lawyer may then be able to pressure your insurance company into offering you more money. He or she will use the facts he or she has accumulated to show the insurance company why you deserve to receive more money than what they’re offering.

Even for the best attorneys, negotiating with an insurance company can be a very difficult task. Therefore, instead of trying to do it yourself, leave it to the trained professionals.

5. An Attorney Can File a NJ Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit for You If Needed

In most cases, your motorcycle lawyer is able to negotiate with your insurance company and come up with an acceptable settlement. This will help you avoid the hassle of taking your case to court. However, if your attorney is unable to strike a deal, then he or she will file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf. In addition, your lawyer will also explain to you why a lawsuit is your best bet based on the facts of your case.

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It’s important to understand that filing a lawsuit can make your life complicated and even cost you money. However, if it nets you a bigger settlement, it will be more than worth it.

Motorcycle accidents can be life-altering, but problems getting compensation can be an even bigger issue. Without compensation, not only does your physical health suffer, but your mental health can suffer as well.

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