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After a motorcycle accident in Bridgewater, you can feel hopeless. Motorcycle accidents can be devastating for victims, physically, emotionally, and financially. Should you be involved in a tragic collision resulting in severe injury, you can sue the responsible driver with the help of a Bridgewater motorcycle accident lawyer.

Consider hiring a Bridgewater motorcycle accident lawyer immediately after a collision. Doing so can help your attorney prepare for a potential lawsuit, should you require compensation for your injuries. An experienced attorney can prove fault against a negligent driver and recover damages to help you heal, both physically and financially. As a victim of a motorcycle accident, you have a right to compensation in Bridgewater.

Since 1977, Bridgewater motorcycle accident lawyer Jerry Friedman has helped his community fight for their litigation rights. Jerry is a motorcyclist himself and understands the effects an accident can have on a victim’s life. For a free consultation, call Bridgewater motorcycle accident lawyer Jerry Friedman today at 1-800-529-4464.

When to Hire a Bridgewater Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents can be especially dangerous and result in severe injuries. Even when riders wear appropriate protective gear, the injuries from a motorcycle accident can be devastating. If you or a loved one has been recently injured in a motorcycle accident in Bridgewater caused by another driver, it may be time to hire an attorney.

New Jersey’s motor vehicle liability insurance laws differ between motorcycles and cars. Bridgewater, New Jersey motorists are likely familiar with the need to purchase personal injury protection insurance (PIP) for potential car accidents. In Bridgewater, NJ, there are no-fault laws for car accidents. Drivers purchase PIP to cover their own injuries after an accident regardless of who is at fault for a collision. However, motorcyclists may not know that that coverage does not extend to motorcycle accidents.

Instead of personal protection insurance, motorcyclists in Bridgewater must carry liability insurance to cover the medical costs of injuries they have caused in an accident. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident in Bridgewater, the route to receiving compensation becomes unclear. Insurance companies try to avoid paying out to victims, and a responsible party can deny involvement. Hiring an experienced attorney, like Bridgewater motorcycle accident lawyer Jerry Friedman, can help you get the compensation you deserve after an accident.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident and require compensation for lost wages or medical bills, an attorney can help you. Even minor injuries can warrant litigation. Hesitating to file a lawsuit can reduce the likelihood of its success.

Proving Fault with a Bridgewater Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

In motorcycle accident cases, it can be particularly difficult to prove fault. Because of the small size of motorcycles, they are often disregarded or forgotten by other drivers. While operating their car, a person might not even consider that a motorcycle could be near them. That being said, these accidents often happen quickly and without much notice. There may be few witnesses that can attest to the events of the accident. That is why an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer may be required – to prove fault in these difficult cases.

Proving fault requires evidence. After a motorcycle accident, it is important to alert the police and other emergency services. At the scene of the accident, the police will complete a crash report. Law enforcement officers will interview all parties involved and any witnesses. Police officers will take into account the conditions of the road and the weather. They will assess the incident and record it on a crash report. This report will become crucial when building your case.

In order to prove your injuries, you should also seek medical attention immediately after a motorcycle accident. A doctor can link your injuries to the collision and dictate the treatment you will need moving forward. Do your best to keep any pertinent records to help your Bridgewater motorcycle accident lawyer. Collect medical bills and keep tabs on your lost wages. Doing these things can provide Bridgewater motorcycle accident lawyer Jerry Friedman with necessary foundational information to support your case.

Remember, it is important to always wear protective gear while operating a motorcycle in Bridgewater. New Jersey has comparative negligence laws, so failure to comply with the state’s motorcycle safety rules can reduce the amount of damages you receive from a lawsuit.

Recovering Damages with Help From a Bridgewater Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accident lawsuits can garner financial damages compensation for victims. If your lawyer is successful in their endeavor, your hospital expenses and lost wages can be compensated. Victims can receive damages for pain and suffering, too. But, after enduring the financial impact of a motorcycle accident, victims might be deterred from pursuing litigation due to fear of the cost.

At the end of your motorcycle accident lawsuit, you can recover compensation for your incurred damages. To better understand the amount you might be compensated for, complete a simple equation. First, add up your hospital bills. Next, do the same for your lost wages. Some damages are difficult to quantify, like pain and suffering. Some future damages, such as lost earning capacity from a disability, are also harder to project. However, your Bridgewater motorcycle accident lawyer will strive to get you an appropriate amount of damages and hire financial experts to provide projections to the court as needed.

Although the financial burden of the costs of an accident can be overwhelming, that should not prevent you from hiring an attorney to seek damages. That is why attorneys like Bridgewater motorcycle accident lawyer Jerry Friedman often work on a contingency-fee-basis. That means that the lawyer does not get paid until you do. Because there are no upfront costs or hourly fees with these arrangements, there is no reason to delay your case or save up before calling a lawyer.

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