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NJ Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

It is easy to feel lost and hopeless after a severe motorcycle crash. The last thing on your mind should be facing the liable parties in an uphill battle for your compensation. You don’t have to go through this moment alone. Our Woodbridge motorcycle accident attorney Jerry Friedman can help you fight for the compensation you deserve while you focus on healing.

Thanks to our many years of experience handling motorcycle accident claims in Woodbridge, NJ, we know how to build a strategic, persuasive case to maximize your compensation. Let us put our knowledge, skill, and dedication to work for you. Call our law offices today at 1-800-529-4464.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Collision in Woodbridge, NJ

After a motorcycle accident, it is easy to feel disoriented and overwhelmed with everything related to your crash. Most injured victims may not be sure what to do or how to react. However, it would be best to preserve as much evidence as you can as it can be beneficial in any future claim.

There are several things you can do after a motorcycle crash. You should gather photographic or video evidence from your accident. The more evidence you can gather, the better you can build a compelling, persuasive case. Collecting all the essential information from those involved in your accident is another excellent way to gather and preserve evidence. For instance, you can obtain information such as the party’s name, address, and insurance information.

It is always recommended to ask for a copy of any medical treatment you have received after your crash. This document can be used as evidence to prove the extent of your injuries and everything related to them. Furthermore, it would help if you also asked for a copy of any police reports. All of this information can help you build a solid foundation to exercise your right to fight for compensation. Our Woodbridge, NJ motorcycle accident lawyer can help you with these matters.

Common Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident in Woodbridge, NJ

Compared to passenger vehicles, motorcycle riders lack the most safety features. Unfortunately, despite wearing a helmet, motorcycle riders are always at risk of sustaining severe injuries during a crash. Those “lucky” enough to survive a devastating motorcycle accident have to face many challenges as they try to recover from their injuries.

One of the most devastating injuries a motorcycle driver can face is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBI victims often have to face many debilitating symptoms that can significantly impact their quality of life. For instance, after a massive trauma to the head, a motorcycle rider can experience fogginess, loss of memory, dizziness, and other debilitating symptoms that may develop over time. In severe TBI cases, the injured victim may need to go through one or multiple surgeries. These medical procedures not only take a lengthy recovery period, but they can also be expensive.

Spinal cord injuries are prevalent in motorcycle accidents. People suffering from a spinal cord injury may need multiple surgeries and continuing medical assistance.

Unfortunately, there have been severe cases where a motorcyclist has suffered an amputation as a result of their crash. You can file a lawsuit against the liable parties for all of your losses. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, Jerry Friedman can help you.

Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Woodbridge, NJ

You can file a personal injury claim against the liable parties for your losses. By filing your claim, you get a chance at getting compensation to cover expenses such as your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Note that every case is different, and the amount of compensation you may get will depend on different things. In New Jersey, you might get compensation for your losses under the comparative negligence rule, but the amount might be reduced if you were partially responsible for your accident.

Additionally, New Jersey’s personal injury protection insurance does not extend to motorcycle accidents, which may place you in a challenging position. A motorcycle accident injury victim can file a personal injury claim against the liable party in specific circumstances. Our Woodbridge motorcycle accident attorney can help you understand what you may be entitled to after your crash.

The Statute of Limitations After a Motorcycle Accident in Woodbridge, NJ

While you have the chance to file a claim against the liable parties after a motorcycle accident, you don’t have unlimited time to do it. The law has established a limited time in which all claimants must file their lawsuit with the court. This time limit is known as the statute of limitations. It is essential to consider the time you have, so you have enough time to prepare adequately for trial. Under New Jersey law, you have up to two years from the moment of your accident to file your claim.

As an injured victim, you might want to take time to heal from your injuries. You may be tempted to leave your claim for later. After all, all you want is to recover and move on. However, two years may not be as much time as you think. Gathering all of the necessary evidence for your claim takes time. Tracking down witnesses and preparing your case is a time-consuming process that can go quickly if you don’t take immediate action. It is always in your best interest to act promptly to avoid the dismissal of your case. Our Woodbridge motorcycle accident lawyer can help you with these matters.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Serving Injured Victims in Woodbridge, NJ

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident in Woodbridge, NJ, we can help. Backed by years of experience serving motorcycle accident victims in New Jersey, Jerry Friedman can help you go through your claim process. We know how challenging and overwhelming your situation may be. For this reason, we will sit with you in a private consultation so you can make an informed decision on your case. Our NJ motorcycle accident lawyers can fight for the compensation you deserve. Call our law offices today at 1-800-529-4464.

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