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Being in a motorcycle accident is not like being in a car accident. Motorcycle riders are totally exposed while they are riding down the roads and highways. A rider who is thrown from their bike can sustain very serious injuries. To make matters worse, motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles on the road and are often overlooked. Other drivers often do not see the motorcycle riders before hitting them or cutting them off, causing an accident.

After a motorcycle collision or accident, you could be out of commission for quite some time. Some riders are so severely injured that they are never able to return to full-time work. Some riders may even require lifelong medical care after an accident or crash. If you were injured during a motorcycle-related accident, our Somerset County motorcycle accident lawyer can assist you in getting the compensation you need. Contact Jerry Friedman at 1-800-529-4464 to schedule a legal consultation.

When to File A Personal Injury Lawsuit for Motorcycle Accidents in Somerset County

When you are considering filing a lawsuit for personal injuries from a motorcycle-related accident, you should keep in mind that you are subject to a time limit. The statute of limitations in New Jersey for personal injury lawsuits is two years. This time limit typically begins to run from the date of the motorcycle accident. If this two-year deadline has passed, you might be barred from filing your lawsuit. Our Somerset County motorcycle accident attorney can help you file your lawsuit as quickly as possible.

Exactly when you should file your lawsuit will depend on the extent of your injures and your personal needs. It would be understandable for someone with extensive or severe injuries to wait until they have recovered somewhat before beginning a lawsuit. Lawsuits can be very long and emotionally taxing. You will want to be in the best shape possible before starting this journey. Besides, it might be a better strategy to wait a little while before filing your lawsuit. Waiting will allow you to better understand the true nature of your damages and injuries. Doctors could initially tell you that you are expected to make a full recovery. However, a year later, you might discover that your injuries are longer lasting or permanent. Also, you could suffer adverse side effects from treatment that you would want to include as part of your damages. Our Somerset County motorcycle accident lawyer can assist you in figuring out a legal strategy that works best for you.

How Comparative Negligence Works in Motorcycle Accidents in Somerset County

Personal injury lawsuits for motorcycle accidents are likely to be based on negligence. This means we will have to prove in court that another driver acted negligently and caused the accident. However, determining who was negligently responsible for a motorcycle crash is not always straightforward. Sometimes the line between who was negligent and who was not is blurred. In such circumstances, the State of New Jersey adheres to a modified comparative negligence rule.

New Jersey’s modified rule of comparative negligence holds that a plaintiff’s damages will be reduced in proportion to their own negligence. Even if we can prove the other driver was at fault, they might argue that you are at least partially responsible for your own injuries. For example, if we prove the other driver is at fault, but they convince a jury that you are 10% responsible for your total injuries, your damages will be reduced by 10%.

One way your damages could be reduced is if you made negligent choices, such as deciding not to wear a helmet. Motorcycle helmets are required by law for the safety of the rider. If you did not wear a helmet as required, and your injuries were worse because you lacked protection, you might be found slightly negligent and responsible for your own injuries. You might not lose the case, but your damages could be reduced. Our Somerset County motorcycle accident lawyer can help you prove you were not negligent and prevent your damages from being reduced.

How Long Personal Injury Lawsuits Take After Motorcycle Accidents in Somerset County

When filing a personal injury complaint after a motorcycle accident, be prepared for a long legal battle. Each side of the case will need time to conduct independent investigations of the crash and gather as much evidence as possible. Additionally, each side is required to disclose to the other all the relevant information and evidence they have. This process is known as “discovery” and is essential to building a case and effective strategy. By the time we get to trial, it is likely that many months, possibly years, have passed since the accident.

If a long, drawn-out trial is something you want to avoid, but you still want to be compensated for your injuries, you might want to consider a settlement. A settlement is when the defendant offers a certain sum of money to the plaintiff in exchange for dropping the case. A settlement is almost always less than the amount in damages the plaintiff initially claims, and a first offer is likely to be fairly low. Our Somerset County motorcycle accident lawyer can negotiate an agreeable settlement for your case and help you avoid a lengthy legal battle.

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