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Motorcycle accidents happen all the time in Burlington City, New Jersey. Riders are often very severely injured and face long and difficult roads to recovery. In many cases, riders cannot afford their medical expenses because they can no longer work as a result of their injuries. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, you should be compensated by the person responsible.

Motorcycle accidents often result in personal injury lawsuits filed against negligent drivers. Your case’s success will depend on whether we can prove that the other driver was negligent and caused your injuries. You will need an experienced attorney with an in-depth knowledge of motorcycles to help you. Fortunately, our Burlington City motorcycle accident attorney is here to assist.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, you should consider filing a personal injury lawsuit to get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. Call Jerry Friedman at 1-800-529-4464 to set up a free legal consultation about your accident.

Filing a Lawsuit for a Motorcycle Accident in Burlington City

Many motorcycle accident cases are based on the other driver’s negligence. Most accidents on the road result from negligent driving, including inattentive driving or disregarding things like stop signs and red lights. To be successful and get compensation for your injuries, we need to prove the other driver acted negligently. Meeting this burden requires establishing four critical elements.


First, we need to show the other driver owed you a legal duty. This duty of care or obligation is more than just a common courtesy. It is something any ordinary person is expected to do under the circumstances. In cases of motorcycle accidents, the duty is to drive safely so as not to cause accidents. This duty is imposed on all drivers, meaning all drivers on the road have a duty of care to operate their vehicles in a safe manner.


Next, we have to demonstrate that the legal duty mentioned above was violated or breached. The breach can occur in any number of ways, so it can be a tricky thing to prove in some cases. Perhaps the other driver was texting while driving and they ran a light. Maybe the other driver was speeding and lost control of their vehicle on the wet road. There are many different ways the duty to drive safely can be breached. Our Burlington City motorcycle accident attorney will help you figure out how the breach occurred and prove it in court.


We will also need to establish that the other driver’s breach of duty is the actual cause of your injuries. In some cases, an independent source might be the actual cause of a motorcycle rider’s injuries. Defendants will often try to accuse riders of being responsible for their own injuries through their own negligence. We must provide evidence to combat those claims and show the other driver’s negligence is the real cause of the accident.


Finally, we must show that you suffered damages. Think of damages as an umbrella term for any losses you suffered as a result of the accident. These losses can include your damaged motorcycle, medical bills, lost wages from missing work, and pain and suffering. You should speak to our Burlington City motorcycle accident attorney to determine the full extent of your damages.

Motorcycle Safety Laws in Burlington City

In any motorcycle accident case, the rules and regulations of motorcycle safety will be examined to determine where things went wrong and why the accident occurred. Certain rules will apply to motorcycle riders and other rules will apply to other drivers on the road. If you are found to be in violation of any safety rules, your case may be weakened and you might receive less compensation.

New Jersey imposes a mandatory helmet law on all motorcycle riders. Riders not wearing a helmet may be found to be at least partially responsible for their own injuries. In New Jersey, helmets must cover at least one-half of your head. Approved helmets typically cover one-half, three quarters, or the entire head. In addition, the general rules of the road apply to all drivers. This includes things like obeying speed limits, stopping at lights, and following warnings posted on any road signs.

Unfortunately, following road safety rules is not always enough to prevent motorcycle accidents. Drivers of other vehicles tend to disregard motorcycle riders because their bikes are smaller than ordinary cars and more easily missed. In the event of a crash or accident, riders are put in an especially dangerous position because they are totally exposed while riding. Please speak to our Burlington City motorcycle accident lawyer about your case today.

When to Begin Your Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit in Burlington City

If you are considering filing a lawsuit related to a motorcycle accident, you should begin the process sooner rather than later. In New Jersey, there is a two-year statute of limitations on personal injury lawsuits. This means if you wait for more than two years to file your case, you will be barred from filing and will not be entitled to receive any compensation. Our Burlington City motorcycle accident lawyer can help you file your claim quickly and represent you in your legal dispute.

While you should get started as soon as you can, there may be some advantages to waiting. In many cases, the true extent of a rider’s injuries does not reveal itself until later on. For example, certain injuries can lead to things like chronic pain or other impairments that are not obvious right after the accident. With more knowledge about your injuries and more evidence regarding how your life has changed, we will be more prepared to present damages to the court.

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If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, the very first thing you should do is seek immediate medical treatment. Once you are in a safe position to do so, contact our Burlington City motorcycle accident attorney for help. Call 1-800-529-4464 to set up a legal consultation with Jerry Friedman today.

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