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A high number of motorcycle crashes happen as the result of drivers’ negligent actions. For instance, collisions often occur because drivers run red lights, travel at illegal speeds, and fail to properly yield the right-of-way.

Those who are injured as the result of such crashes can obtain payment through claims brought against at-fault parties. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help plaintiffs file their lawsuits and negotiate for the damages that are owed.

In the aftermath of a harmful motorcycle accident in Riverside, seek assistance when building your case against the driver responsible for your collision. Speak with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney today by calling Jerry Friedman at 1-800-529-4464.

Time Window to File a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit in Riverside

The time window to file a motorcycle accident lawsuit in Riverside is governed by N.J.S.A. § 2A:14-2. Therefore, you will generally have two years from the date your crash occurred to file your case. If you do not adhere to this deadline, then you may miss out on the monetary damages you deserve.

You should call Jerry Friedman as soon as possible after suffering your motorcycle accident. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will ensure that your case is filed in a timely manner. Furthermore, crucial evidence needed to support your claim may become hard to collect as time goes on. For example, physical evidence can deteriorate, and important details surrounding your accident can be forgotten. The sooner you connect with our legal team, the more effectively we can gather the evidence required to recover payment for your injuries.

Common Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Crashes in Riverside

Motorcycle crashes can lead to a wide range of debilitating and painful injuries. Thankfully, you can contact a motorcycle accident lawyer for help obtaining payment related to any of the following types of harm:

Road Rash

Road rash is an excruciatingly painful injury suffered by motorcycle accident victims. This type of injury happens when riders are thrown from their vehicles and slide across road surfaces. The friction that occurs when victims slide across road surface can easily wear through clothing and severely damage the skin layers that lie beneath. You can call Jerry for help obtaining payment for the immense physical pain caused by your road rash injuries.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are another common type of harm sustained by motorcycle accident victims. These injuries can come in various forms. For example, riders who are struck by careless motorists can incur concussions, skull fractures, and intracranial bleeding. Even when bikers are wearing helmets, these injuries can still be sustained.

Head injuries can lead to an array of debilitating symptoms. Plaintiffs with head injuries can contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney for help obtaining compensation for their diminished quality of life.

Crushed Limbs

Crushed limbs are also a common injury related to motorcycle collisions in Riverside. These injuries are usually suffered when victims’ legs become pinned and crushed underneath motorcycles or other cars. Many riders who suffer crushed limbs will need to have the limbs amputated. Therefore, such injuries can cause catastrophic damages. If you sustained a crushed limb as the result of a motorcycle accident, call Jerry for help pursuing the full range of monetary damages available to you.

Spinal Cord Damage

Furthermore, spinal cord damage is another common type of harm caused by motorcycle accidents. Many riders with spinal cord damage experience severe immobility or paralysis. If you suffered spinal cord damage because of a motorcycle crash, you may be entitled for compensation for the economic and non-economic damages you incurred.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Lastly, a high number of motorcycle accident victims sustain soft tissue injuries. These injuries typically occur in the form of damage to muscles, tendons, and ligaments anywhere in the body. Some soft tissue injuries may heal quickly, while others can require long-term medical treatment. Those who sustained such injuries can call an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer for help obtaining the payment they deserve.

Can You Still Recover Payment if You Were Not Wearing a Helmet During Your Motorcycle Crash in Riverside?

New Jersey law requires that motorcycle riders wear helmets. If you were not wearing a helmet at the time of your motorcycle accident, you may still be able to recover payment for your injuries. However, the amount of damages you recover may be less than you would obtain if you were obeying the law.

Failing to wear a helmet does not absolve a negligent driver for their actions. Still, if you were not wearing a helmet, the defendant in your case may argue that you are to blame for certain injuries you sustained. In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident in Riverside, you can call Jerry Friedman for help evaluating the strength of your claim.

Can Victims of Dooring Accidents File Lawsuits in Riverside?

Dooring accidents happen when careless drivers and passengers in parked vehicles carelessly open their doors into paths of unsuspecting riders travelling down the roadway. Dooring accidents can lead to severe injuries because riders typically do not have adequate time to react to hazards that suddenly appear in their paths. Thankfully, at-fault parties can be sued for dooring accidents they cause.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help gather the evidence needed to prove fault for dooring accidents. If you suffered such an accident, you can call Jerry Friedman for help proving your case.

Can You Sue for a Motorcycle Accidents that Are Not Caused by Other Drivers?

There certain types of motorcycle accidents that occur for reasons other than drivers’ negligence. For instance, a rider may suffer a harmful crash because they encountered a pothole in the road or an uneven road surface. Furthermore, a devastating accident may happen because a defective tire sustained a blowout. In such cases, victims may still be able to obtain payment for their injuries.

If you suffered a motorcycle crash that was caused by poor road conditions or a defective product, then you should still call a motorcycle accident lawyer for help assessing your case. Call Jerry today for a free case review.

Motorcycle Accident Victims in Riverside Can Call Jerry Friedman for Help with Their Cases

If you were hurt as the result of a motorcycle accident, seek assistance from an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer by calling Jerry Friedman at 1-800-529-4464.

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