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A high number of motorcycle crashes happen each year in Irvington, NJ. These crashes can stem from several potential causes. Unfortunately, in many cases, these accidents occur as the result of drivers’ carless and reckless actions.

As an example, riders are regularly struck by motorists who are travelling too fast, driving while distracted, or disobeying traffic lights and signs. In such cases, victims may be able to seek compensation from the negligent drivers who hit them. However, the process for acquiring payment can be difficult without help from an experienced attorney.

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Where Do Motorcycle Accidents Happen in Irvington, NJ?

Motorcycle crashes can happen anywhere, but there are locations where collisions occur more frequently. For instance, many motorcycle crashes happen on highways. On highways, motorists who are travelling at high speeds often fail to check their surroundings before changing lanes. Accordingly, many highway riders are struck by drivers who commit improper lane changes. However, these accidents also regularly occur because drivers tailgate riders and do not afford themselves enough room to stop when the vehicles in front of them have to brake.

Furthermore, motorcycle accidents often occur at busy intersections. Intersection accidents usually occur because drivers fail to yield the right-of-way. For instance, a rider may be struck when travelling through an intersection because the driver in the opposite lane of travel committed an improper left turn. In that case, the injured rider could sue the at-fault driver for the injuries they suffered.

Finally, a high number of motorcycle accidents happen in crowded urban areas. These types of crashes usually occur during periods of high traffic congestion. During these times, impatient motorists are prone to committing reckless maneuvers such as running red lights and driving on road shoulders. Therefore, many riders in crowded urban areas are hit by negligent drivers who are in a hurry. Thankfully, there are often several eyewitnesses who can help victims establish fault for these crashes.

How Long You Have to File a Motorcycle Accident Case in Irvington, NJ

Statutes of limitations set forth time windows for plaintiffs to file specific types of cases. In New Jersey, the deadline to file your motorcycle accident claim is established by N.J.S.A. § 2A:14-2. Usually, you will have two years from when your collision happens to sue another driver. Failure to act in accordance with this deadline will likely result in your case being dismissed.

Furthermore, there are several other requirements that should be satisfied when filling your case. For example, you must bring your claim to the correct court, submit supporting documents, pay administrative fees, serve all of the named defendants, and ensure you are not filing a frivolous claim. If any of these conditions are not adhered to, then you may have to file your case again. Therefore, you should attempt to bring your case to court as soon as possible. That way, you and your motorcycle accident lawyer will have adequate time to prepare your claim.

Common Reasons Why Motorcycle Crashes Happen in Irvington, NJ

Many riders are struck because motorists drive negligently. One of the most common sources of collisions is distracted driving. In general, there are three types of distraction that can occur. Drivers can be visually, manually, or cognitively distracted. Visual distraction happens when a motorist takes their eyes off the road while manual distraction refers to situations where drivers take their hands off the wheel. Meanwhile, cognitive distraction happens when drivers take their attention off the task of driving. Some activities like viewing social media or texting will involve all three types of distraction. While distracted, motorists are prone to committing many types of careless mistakes behind the wheel.

Many motorcycle accidents also happen as the result of speeding drivers. Motorists who travel at excessive speeds often fail to check their surroundings before changing lanes, often leading to collisions with riders. Furthermore, speeding drivers are prone to losing control of their vehicles and swerving outside of their lanes. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents caused by speeding drivers regularly cause catastrophic injuries. Thankfully, victims of such accidents may be able to sue at-fault parties for the damages they incur.

Furthermore, motorcycle crashes in Irvington often occur because drivers commit improper left turns. When motorists fail to yield the right-of-way before making a left turn, they can cause devastating, head-on collisions with riders in the opposite lane of travel. Like with accidents that occur at high speeds, these types of crashes are also prone to causing especially severe harm.

Finally, running red lights is also a common source of motorcycle accidents. There are several reasons that a driver may run a red light. For instance, they may ignore the traffic signal because they were drunk or intentionally disobey the signal because they were in a hurry. In any cases, motorists who run red lights can be held accountable for motorcycle collisions they cause.

Dooring Accidents in Irvington, NJ

Dooring accidents happen when negligent motorists and passengers open their vehicles’ doors into paths of unsuspecting motorcycle riders. Dooring accidents can be very serious. In many cases, victims of dooring accidents are thrown from their bikes and make hard impacts with the ground.

In most cases, riders do not have enough time to react to a door being swung open in front of them. Thankfully, if you suffered a dooring accident, you may be able to seek monetary damages from the at-fault party.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Irvington, NJ

In New Jersey, riders are required to wear helmets. If you suffered an accident while you were not wearing a helmet, you may still be able to pursue compensation. However, the defendant may try to limit the amount of payment you can recover by arguing that your injuries would have been less severe if you were abiding by the helmet law.

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