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NJ Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been involved in a severe motorcycle accident in Clifton, NJ, Jerry Friedman can help. Jerry has dedicated his practice to helping motorcycle accident injury victims across New Jersey for more than three decades. We understand how stressful dealing with your situation can be. We work aggressively and strategically to defend your rights at all times.

Thanks to our experience, knowledge, and skill, we have developed the necessary tools to provide you with the quality legal services you deserve. We are aware that you want to heal and leave your ordeal behind. We can help you reach your goals by taking the liable parties to court. Call Jerry Friedman today and schedule your private consultation at 1-800-529-4464.

Common Injuries Caused in Most Motorcycle Accidents in Clifton, NJ

Injuries are arguably unavoidable in motorcycle accidents. A motorcyclist is always exposed to more dangers compared to other drivers. Typically, all that’s protecting a motorcycle rider on the road are a helmet and a leather jacket. Even with these protections, a motorcyclist can sustain severe bodily damage, depending on the circumstances surrounding their case.

During a motorcycle accident, a motorcycle rider can fall from their bike and slide across the pavement for a long distance at high speed. This type of painful and dangerous injury is commonly known as “road rash.” Depending on the extent of a road rash injury, a biker may lose big chunks of skin and tissue, which can take a long time to heal. In severe cases, a road rash injury victim can suffer permanent scarring or disfigurement. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident caused by another negligent driver, you might have the right to fight for compensation. Our Clifton, NJ motorcycle accident attorney can help you hold the liable parties accountable for your losses.

Cuts, bruises, and broken bones are also frequent in motorcycle accidents. During a motorcycle accident, a biker can suffer deep wounds and cuts caused by debris, pieces of metal or glass, and other objects. These injuries, no matter how mild they may seem, should be treated immediately. A severe cut or laceration can lead to devastating consequences.

Motorcycle riders commonly hit their body against the pavement or objects near the crash, which can lead to bruising and contusions. These injuries are not only painful, but they can also develop into serious health issues if left unattended.

A rider can suffer from painful broken bone injuries due to the force of impact and the momentum of a motorcycle crash. A motorcyclist is prone to break any bone on their body during a collision including, their back, collar, arm, and leg bones. We can help you recover compensation if you have sustained these painful injuries.

While many people may find it unlikely, head injuries are common in motorcycle accidents despite the use of a helmet. A helmet may reduce the force of impact and damage to the head. However, a heavy blow can be enough to cause a severe concussion. A motorcyclist can suffer a traumatic brain injury, depending on the extent of the impact.

Suing After a Motorcycle Accident in Clifton, NJ

Motorcycle accidents can lead to devastating consequences for their victims. As we mentioned above, a motorcycle rider can suffer from catastrophic, life-altering injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident in Clifton, NJ, you might be able to fight for compensation. First, it is essential to understand whether you have a case or not. You can achieve this by scheduling a private consultation with a skilled motorcycle accident attorney. During your initial consultation, your lawyer can help you understand what your case may be worth and how you should proceed moving forward.

In New Jersey, you can have the right to get compensation from your insurance or the liable parties. Insurance companies are not always happy to give money away to an injured victim. It is not unusual for insurance companies to come up with complex formulas to calculate a “fair settlement” in your case. An insurance company’s initial settlement will rarely be enough to cover your losses. They may take advantage of your situation by being aggressive in their offer, so you accept the terms of their settlement. However, having a lawyer by your side can help you increase the compensation you can get.

If you have been injured and were left with permanent scarring, disfigurement, or loss of function of a body part, you can take the liable parties to court and fight for compensation. Your Clifton, NJ motorcycle accident attorney can help you with these matters.

Taking the liable parties to court means that you will have to provide evidence supporting your claim. Through a personal injury claim, your lawyer can help you prove that the defendant owed you a legal duty that was breached, caused you harm, and led to subsequent losses.

However, it is also critical to understand that you have a limited amount of time to file your claim. The statute of limitations shortens the time you have to submit your personal injury lawsuit. You have up to two years from the moment of your crash to file your claim with the court. If you miss this window, the court may refuse to see your case, and you may be left out without legal recourse. Our Clifton, NJ motorcycle accident attorney can help you make sure you file your claim in time.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Serving Injured Victims in Clifton, NJ

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident – to no fault of your own – you can fight for compensation. Our Clifton, NJ motorcycle accident lawyer Jerry Friedman can help you fight the liable parties to get the compensation you deserve for all of your losses. A settlement from your insurance company may not be enough, especially after your emotional, physical, and psychological trauma. We can sit with you in a private consultation and help you make an informed decision on your case. To learn more about our services, call Jerry Friedman today at 1-800-529-4464.


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