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Motorcycle Injury Statistics

Important Motorcycle Injury Statistics Every Rider Should Know

Motorcycles can be dangerous, but that isn’t the whole story. Every rider should understand the unique risks they face and how to reduce them. It’s easy for motorcyclists to become numb to the dangers of riding. After all, the risks of riding a motorcycle are a given. Still, it is important to understand the motorcycle injury statistics behind motorcycle accidents as many are the result of human error and can be avoided.

Accidents by Motorcycle Type

Engine size and motorcycle type make a big difference when it comes to the risk and severity of accidents. Motorcycles can be classified as cruiser, touring, sport touring, sport, and supersport. This final category accounts for the highest rate of fatal accidents according to the Insurance Information Institute. Supersport motorcycle riders are four times as likely as those riding cruisers to be killed in an accident. Fatally injured supersport bike drivers were also more likely to be speeding but the least likely to be impaired by alcohol. While supersport bikes account for less than 10% of all registered motorcycles, they are involved in over 25% of rider deaths.

Human Error Is Usually to Blame

Road conditions like potholes and even gravel are far more likely to cause a motorcycle accident than an accident with a passenger car as motorcycles are less stable. Still, road defects cause just 2% of accidents while animals account for only 1% of motorcycle crashes. Vehicle failure, while possible, only plays a role in about 3% of crashes. Weather does not contribute to 98% of motorcycle crashes. The most common cause of motorcycle accidents is human error, including speeding, alcohol impairment, running a red light, failing to see a motorcyclist before turning, and improper lane changes.

Injuries for Older Riders Are on the Rise

Many people assume that it is mostly young men who are injured in motorcycle crashes, but the rate of older adults who are age 50 to 70 and injured in motorcycle crashes is rising. For riders over the age of 40, injury severity, length of time in the hospital, and mortality are higher than with younger riders. Riders over age 40 are also 1.5 to 2 times more likely to die in an accident, including from less severe injuries, than younger riders. This is due to factors such as decreased bone strength, impaired vision, changes in balance, and delayed reaction time.

Average Medical Costs for a Motorcycle Accident Are $17,704

Motorcycle accidents tend to result in much more serious injuries than car accidents. According to the NHTSA, the average medical expenses for an injured rider who was not wearing a helmet are more than $17,000. The majority of these costs are related to brain injuries. The average medical costs for helmeted riders are $5,852.

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