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Unique Risks Motorcyclists Face in Bad Weather (slippery or icy conditons)?

Risks of Motorcycling in Bad Weather

Knowing how to identify and mitigate the risks of motorcycling in bad weather could help avoid a motorcycle accident. Adverse weather is not uncommon in New Jersey. Unfortunately, bad weather conditions can increase the risk of a motorcycle accident and even exacerbate the effects of a crash.


Motorcycle accident rates tend to be higher during times of excessive rainfall. Accidents are more common during rainstorms because of poor road conditions, reduced visibility, and minimal traction.

One of the most dangerous times to ride is just after the first rain following a dry period. Oil accumulates on roadways and makes the road especially slippery when the oil has not been washed away recently.

When it has been raining for some time, motorcyclists can also face increased danger from potholes and other road defects. These dangers may be clearly visible when the road is dry, but heavy rain can fill in the potholes completely. What looks like a puddle may actually be a deep hole.


Icy roads can be dangerous for any vehicle, but motorcycles are more difficult to control on slick roads because they only have two wheels. On a slippery surface, the rear wheel of a motorcycle may lock and increase the risk of losing control.

Riding slowly and in as straight of a line as possible may help motorcyclists avoid issues with ice. If a bike does begin to slip, riders can lightly skim the ground with their feet for added stability.


When the weather cools to dew point temperature in New Jersey, moisture in the air can condense and create a thick layer of fog that dramatically reduces visibility. In dense fog, using your hazard lights can make you more visible to other motorists on the road.

Keep a safe distance from other vehicles and use side markers, not the middle of the lanes, for guidance. Because there may be no land markers to gauge speed, be aware of how fast you are riding.

Unfortunately, many motorcyclists are killed in New Jersey every year due to inclement weather conditions and the negligence of other drivers who may not be as cautious when the weather is poor. Knowing how to avoid an accident and taking extra precaution during poor weather can help save lives.

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