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10 of The Best Bars & Restaurants for Motorcyclists in NJ in 2022

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As a member of the motorcycle community, you may want to find spaces where you can talk shop with friends, and enjoy live entertainment. If that sounds like an evening you’d enjoy, look no further than our extensive list of the best bars and restaurants for motorcyclists in NJ.

There are countless biker bars and restaurants throughout NJ. Because New Jersey has so many highways and major roadways, bikers can find a roadhouse bar that welcomes them with open arms almost anywhere throughout the state. We compiled our list of the top 10 bars and restaurants for motorcyclists based on factors like location, open hours, entertainment, and menus. Our list contains all the classic motorcycle bars throughout NJ, from Duffy’s Tavern to J&S Roadhouse. We’ll give you our tips for visiting a biker bar and insight into how to spot a motorcycle-friendly bar or restaurant yourself.

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How NJ Bars and Restaurants for Motorcyclists Made Our List

Because there are so many biker-friendly bars throughout NJ, you may be wondering how we found the best ones. To create our list, we stuck with certain criteria. Generally, we looked for open bars and restaurants accessible from major roadways and a documented history of being a place for good food and entertainment.


Location matters when choosing the best biker bars and restaurants in NJ. Motorcyclists tend to travel on highways, which is why these bars are often located right off major roadways. That being said, some of the most popular biker bars are also located in small towns and on back roads. Even if an establishment isn’t expressly for motorcyclists, you’ll generally find several bikers to converse with at any roadhouse bar or restaurant.


When cultivating the list of the best bars and restaurants for motorcyclists in NJ, we paid careful attention to each establishment’s open hours. Generally, biker bars are open late into the night, often until 1:00 or 3:00 in the morning. While the kitchen may close, the bar stays open for traveling bikers to stop in for a respite and a fun time. It’s also important to note that several popular biker bars closed recently during the pandemic. That could explain why your favorite biker bar did not make our list.


Biker bars are known for offering live entertainment and supporting local bands. That’s why we looked for bars and restaurants that host local artists and singers. Live music isn’t the only entertainment that matters, however. To be included on our list, bars and restaurants generally also had to have ample games like darts and pool. Any bars and restaurants without live entertainment or interactive games just didn’t make the cut.


Bars and restaurants for motorcyclists often have fun, affordable menus. That’s why we chose NJ restaurants with tasty appetizers and meals at an accessible price. When discussing a biker bar’s menu, you can’t ignore the drinks. Many of the bars and restaurants that we included on our list offer weekly or daily deals for draft beers and specialty drinks.

What Are the Best NJ Bars and Restaurants for Motorcyclists in 2022?

Bikers want to connect with the community can find exactly what they’re looking for at some of NJ’s best bars and restaurants for motorcyclists. When you’re in the mood for a night of pool matches, classic music, and talking with fellow bikers, visiting one of NJ’s popular motorcycle bars can be the perfect evening. Bikers can use our extensive list of the best NJ bars and restaurants for motorcyclists in 2022 as their go-to reference for biker nightlife.

American Spirits Roadhouse

This self-proclaimed country-style roadhouse in Asbury, NJ is conveniently located near Route 78 and the Phillipsburg Newark Expressway. American Spirits Roadhouse is more of a restaurant and less of a bar, open seven days a week from 3:00 in the afternoon until 10:00 at night. New Jersey bikers who enjoy country music, affordable food, and occasional line dancing can take a ride up to this local bar for countless fun evenings.

Duffy’s Tavern

Duffy’s Tavern is a biker bar to its core, with reserved parking out front exclusively for motorcyclists. Opening in 1980, this classic Irish pub is located along the Passaic River in Patterson, NJ, near Route 208. Although the kitchen closes by 11:00 at night most days, the bar is often open until 3:00 in the morning. Duffy’s Tavern hosts live entertainment throughout the month, ranging from energetic deejays to local bands.

The Great Notch Inn

The Great Notch Inn is a quintessential NJ biker bar located in Little Falls, NJ on Route 46 West. Like so many other motorcycle bars and restaurants in New Jersey, The Great Notch Inn, affectionately called The Notch by its regulars, features regular live entertainment.

Established in 1939, The Great Notch Inn never charges a cover to bikers looking to enjoy some live music. The Notch is conveniently located in Passaic County, easily accessible to motorcyclists cruising down Route 3, Route 46, Route 80, and the Garden State Parkway.

J&S Roadhouse

If you’re a New Jersey motorcyclist that’s also fond of live music, J&S Roadhouse may soon become your favorite hang-out spot. Each month, biker bar J&S Roadhouse hosts local bands to perform. This motorcycle bar and restaurant in West Milford, NJ boasts nightly pool and darts matches between competitive patrons. There’s ample outdoor seating at the restaurant’s pavilion, which bikers can visit Friday through Sunday.

This affordable biker bar is nestled in Passaic County, situated in the middle of NJ. Motorcyclists can enjoy tasty snacks and appetizers while rocking out to talented local bands and watching their favorite sports teams compete.

Jay’s Elbowroom

Jay’s Elbowroom is a well-known establishment in Maple Shade, NJ. This self-proclaimed dive bar is conveniently located on Route 73 and is home to good company, classic music, and famous fries. Jay’s Elbowroom’s extensive beer menu is appreciated among its regulars, bikers included. Stop in to watch the game, hang out with friends, and enjoy all the benefits of a classic NJ motorcycle bar.

The Jug Handle Inn

Located on Route 73 in Cinnaminson, NJ, The Jug Handle Inn has been a hot spot for bikers since 1980. Bikers are drawn in by The Jug Handle Inn’s award-winning wings and stick around for the entertainment and good company. Motorcyclists can enjoy pool, darts, shuffleboard, and live music every Friday night.

Mason Street Pub

After 9:30 at night, Mason Street Pub turns into the perfect bar for motorcyclists in NJ. Located on Lake Hopatcong in Morris County, NJ, Mason Street Grille is home to fun music and delicious food. Bikers can enjoy various snacks at this motorcycle-friendly restaurant and bar, from tasty burgers to crispy fried pickles.

From Wednesday to Sunday, Mason Street Pub hosts live music and entertainment. Thursdays are for karaoke, so any musically-inclined motorcyclists can sing their hearts out each Thursday from 8:30 to 12:30 in the morning.

The Munck-ee Bar & Grill

The Munck-ee Bar & Grill prides itself on its supportive community and creative daily food specials. The Munck-ee is open seven days a week, from 11:00 to 2:00 in the morning. Located in South Amboy, NJ, right off of the Garden State Parkway and Route 35 in northern NJ, the Munck-ee Bar & Grill is situated in the perfect spot for bikers on the go to stop in and have a bite and a beer.

Tom’s Tavern

Located on Asbury Avenue in Farmingdale, NJ, Tom’s Tavern is a favorite stop for motorcyclists in NJ. This local biker bar has themed nights, including industry night, where patrons who wear their work shirts to the bar enjoy deals on drinks and free access to Tom’s Tavern’s famous jukebox. Tom’s Tavern also offers free pool every Tuesday and Thursday night. So, gather some of your best biker buddies and visit this local pub for fun, pool, and friends.

The Vic Tavern

The Vic Tavern is a classic pub located on Hobart Avenue in Bayonne, NJ. Open until 1:00 in the morning, The Vic Tavern is a popular spot for bikers. The Vic doubles as a bar and a restaurant, with tasty wings and delicious pizza available seven days a week.

Like other biker bars in NJ, The Vic Tavern often hosts local bands and artists, with regular theme nights like 80’s night. If you’re the kind of motorcyclist who likes live music and good food, The Vic Tavern in northern New Jersey is the perfect spot for you.

Tips for Visiting Motorcycle Bars and Restaurants in NJ

When you choose to enter a biker bar in NJ, leave your judgment at the door. While these hot spots for motorcyclists may seem intimidating at first, there’s nothing to fear. Motorcyclists aren’t a monolith, and all riders should be welcome at any biker bar and restaurant in New Jersey. That being said, there are a few tips for visiting motorcycle bars and restaurants that don’t hurt to learn.

The only difference between a biker bar and any old pub is the line of motorcycles parked outside. Like at any bar, it’s important to treat your bartender and fellow patrons with respect. Many biker bars are cash-only, so patrons should be prepared to not be able to use their credit cards when paying for meals and drinks.

It can also be helpful to do some research before you go to a motorcycle bar or restaurant in NJ. Many establishments have live music and theme nights. Your future favorite band may also frequent a biker bar, so you can easily support local artists by looking into bars’ entertainment schedules.

If you ride your motorcycle to a bar or restaurant in NJ, it’s important to act responsibly. New Jersey has strict laws about drinking alcohol and driving a motorcycle, which is something to keep in mind when frequenting biker bars throughout the state.

How to Find Bars and Restaurants for Motorcyclists in NJ

Although you may be a regular at your local biker bar, there’s no harm in trying out a new restaurant or pub. While our list of the best bars and restaurants for motorcyclists is extensive, it’s not definitive. If you’re still interested in finding more biker bars throughout New Jersey, you need to learn what to look for.

If you’re new to motorcycles and want to become part of the community, frequenting a biker bar can be a great way to make friends and learn more about motorcycles. The first thing that will indicate whether a bar is biker-friendly is whether or not there are motorcycles parked out front. Generally, you can find these roadhouse bars along major highways in New Jersey. When traveling down the Garden State Parkway, any bar you spot will usually be a good spot for motorcyclists. Self-proclaimed dive bars are also often great establishments for bikers to grab a bite to eat and hangout.

At the end of the day, any bar can be a fun place for motorcyclists. Of course, some are more on theme than others. The décor, music, and patrons are all things to look for when identifying a restaurant or pub as a biker bar. Really any place that serves food and beer, and is welcoming of all people, can be enjoyable for motorcyclists.

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