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Why All Motorcyclists Should Take an Advanced Motorcycle Rider Course

Some of the most common causes behind motorcycle accidents are hitting unexpected debris and entering corners too fast. You want to make sure you avoid these issues and stay safe while driving. Taking an advanced motorcycle rider course can help you avoid accidents.

Increased Safety on the Road with an advanced motorcycle rider course

You’ll learn helpful techniques in an advanced motorcycle rider course that keep you safer on roads. One of the most important advanced motorcycle riding techniques to learn is trail braking. You will have more control and stability through turns once you master this technique.

When you become used to high speeds at the track, your everyday riding on the road will feel easier. Additional benefits are training yourself to spot potential dangers sooner, better coordination, greater alertness and better responses to potential dangers. These skills that are honed when you practice advanced riding techniques vastly improve your safety on the road.

Remember to always obey traffic laws no matter how experienced you become. Tracks are a much safer environment than public roads. Even highly skilled riders can get into accidents when they don’t follow traffic laws.

Jerry Friedman at Law 4 Hogs is a New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyer who has a passion for riding motorcycles. Our firm offers free legal services to numerous motorcycle riding clubs. We know that accidents can happen no matter how much practice you have. You can contact us for a free telephone consultation if you have been in an accident.

Perfect Your Form and Technique

We all need the guidance of a professional to let us know if we have the correct form and technique while riding. Even the best athletes received coaching to develop their skills. Professional motorcycle riders also have coaches to help them perfect their techniques. An advanced riding course can teach you correct posture and what postures to avoid. Sitting on your motorcycle correctly prevents back pain, conserves your strength and improves your balance.


Many advanced motorcycle riding courses are inexpensive, so all riders are able to improve their riding skills. Courses tend to be short as well, with some only being a day long. No matter how busy your schedule is, you can find time for an advanced motorcycle course.

Prevent Bad Habits With a Motorcycle Rider Course

If you’re new to owning a motorcycle license, now is the best time to begin taking intermediate and advanced motorcycle rider courses. You will develop your skills before you’ve had a chance to fall into bad habits. Some misinformed motorcyclists try giving tips to others. By taking an advanced motorcycle riding course, you won’t fall victim to bad advice. You will have confidence in your riding ability and know the right way to carry out techniques since you’ve learned from a professional instructor.

Break Bad Habits

If you have been riding for a while without taking any additional motorcycle riding classes after earning your license, then you might have a few bad habits. Signing up for an advanced riding course will bring bad habits to your attention so you can fix them. Having good riding habits can prevent motorcycle crashes and even save your life.

A Closed Course Environment Is Safe for Practicing

Practicing on the road or on trails is dangerous because they’re not controlled environments. You should only practice a new technique in a closed course environment where you’re less likely to have serious injuries. Wait until you’ve mastered the technique to use it outside of the closed course to prevent injury. Professional instruction also decreases your chances of executing a new technique wrong.

Don’t learn from a friend because they may not have the proper teaching skills. Being a skilled rider doesn’t translate into being good at teaching others advanced motorcycle riding.

The benefits of an advanced rider course are worth the price. Most courses aren’t expensive and don’t take a long period of time to complete. Attending motorcycle training courses is fun because you’ll meet potential friends during group courses you can ride with outside of classes. Advanced rider courses teach you how to have greater control and stability over your motorcycle, which decreases your risk of an accident. Your eyes will become trained to process the information around you faster, and your reaction times will improve as well.

Our practice has a New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyer who is a rider himself. We recommend that you treat motorcycle riding as a lifelong learning experience. Never stop practicing at the track, and take any advanced rider course you can. Contact us at 1-800-529-4464 for a free consultation call in New Jersey.

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