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Best Motorcycle Dealerships in New Jersey

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Buying a motorcycle is a big investment, so you should only choose a dealership that you feel comfortable with. But how can you find a good motorcycle dealership in New Jersey? How about one of the best motorcycle dealerships in New Jersey?

If a motorcycle dealership comes highly recommended by other bikers, it’s probably a good place to purchase a motorcycle. The dealership should let you go for a test ride before you purchase a bike and should provide ongoing service in case you need it. Typically, franchise motorcycle dealerships offer more service and financing options for customers than independent dealers. However, independent dealers might have more diverse inventories than franchise dealerships, which might appeal to you if you’re a collector. There are plenty of motorcycle dealerships throughout New Jersey, many with positive reviews, so you should be able to find one that works for you.

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What Makes a Motorcycle Dealership Among the Best in New Jersey?

When searching for the right motorcycle dealer for you, there are a few things to look out for. For example, satisfied customers often leave positive online reviews, so read them. Other signs of a good motorcycle dealership include if it offers test rides, provides ongoing service, and can give you a full rundown of the motorcycle’s history.

It Comes Highly Recommended

If you’re new to purchasing motorcycles, ask other riders about their preferred nearby motorcycle dealerships. They might give you some insight into local dealerships with good reputations in the area. You can also search online and read reviews to get a good understanding of customers’ experiences. Reading online reviews can help you eliminate certain dealerships right away, helping you hone in on your search for the perfect one. If a dealership has more negative reviews than positive ones, cross it off the list.

It Allows Test Rides

Just like you should test-drive a car before purchasing it, you should also test-ride a motorcycle before you buy it in New Jersey. Reliable dealers should encourage you to test-ride the bike so that you can see how it handles and if you like it. If you do not test-ride a motorcycle, you might purchase a defective bike, leading to a devastating accident. If the dealership knowingly sold you a defective vehicle, our Atlantic City motorcycle accident lawyer could help you bring a claim against it. If a dealer won’t let you test-ride a motorcycle, you should take your business elsewhere.

It Offers Ongoing Service

Larger dealerships typically offer ongoing service and maintenance options for customers in New Jersey. This is important so motorcyclists can quickly address any mechanical issues with their bikes. Although New Jersey does not require motorcycle inspections, your vehicle should be assessed regularly, as mechanical issues could lead to otherwise avoidable accidents.

It Provides the Motorcycle’s Full History

Especially when purchasing a used motorcycle, you should get the vehicle’s full history. The dealership should be forthcoming with this information, as it could dictate whether or not you move forward with the sale. The dealership should tell you notable events, like past accidents or property damage to a used motorcycle. If a dealership can’t provide the motorcycle’s full history, it might be unreliable.

Are Franchise or Independent Motorcycle Dealerships Better in New Jersey?

There are many franchise and independent motorcycle dealerships throughout New Jersey. Depending on what you want from a bike, one type of dealership might be preferable over the other.

If you want something ultra-specific, like a Harley-Davidson, you should go to a Harley dealership. Franchise dealerships for specific motorcycle brands will have compatible parts and the newest models. Franchise dealerships might provide more financing and ongoing service options than independent motorcycle dealers.

When you go to a franchise dealership, you might feel more pressure to agree to a sale. Pricing motorcycles above market value, making you interact with multiple salespeople, or pressuring you to accept a bad financing agreement could be signs you’re in an unreliable dealership.

Unlike franchise dealerships, independent motorcycle dealers might have vintage bikes in their inventories, making them ideal for collectors. When purchasing a motorcycle from an independent dealer, ensure they give you its full history.

Whether you go with a franchise motorcycle dealership or an independent dealer will depend on what you want to purchase. Regardless, read reviews before setting your sights on a specific dealer so that you feel prepared walking into the dealership.

What Are Some of the Best Motorcycle Dealerships in New Jersey?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best motorcycle dealerships in New Jersey, franchise and independent, so you don’t have to search far for a reliable dealer.

Mac’s Motorcycles in Landisville, Gebhard’s Cycles, LLC in Pennsauken, and South Dublin Motorbikes in Cinnaminson are a few independent motorcycle dealerships with tons of positive reviews in New Jersey. You can visit any of these dealers to get vintage or unique parts or specialized mechanic services for your motorcycle.

There are many, many franchise dealerships for major motorcycle brands like Honda, Harley-Davidson, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph, and Yamaha throughout New Jersey. While some franchise dealerships might have better reviews than others based on customer experience, they typically have the same inventory and purchasing options for customers from location to location. In all likelihood, you won’t have to travel far to find a good motorcycle dealership near you.

Everyone has different experiences when purchasing motorcycles from a dealer. Even if a dealership has positive reviews, that doesn’t guarantee your experience will be positive. Before buying a motorcycle, you can visit various dealerships and then make an informed decision about where to take your business.

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