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What Should You Not Do After a Motorcycle Accident in New Jersey?

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Negligent motorists can be held liable for motorcycle accidents they cause in New Jersey. Victims can recover financial compensation through motorcycle accident lawsuits. However, there are certain actions victims may take that can hurt their cases’ chances of success.

There are several things you should not do after a motorcycle accident in New Jersey. Avoiding these harmful actions can protect your ability to recover compensation. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help navigate the complicated road to recovery.

If you were injured because of a motorcycle accident in New Jersey, get help recovering the financial compensation you deserve. Contact an experienced New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyer by calling Jerry Friedman at 1-800-529-4464 for a free case review.

Actions to Avoid After a Motorcycle Accident in New Jersey

Motorcycle accidents can be traumatic experiences. Still, it is important to keep your composure and avoid making self-inflicted mistakes. Such mistakes can hurt your chances at recovering financial compensation. Victims should avoid committing the following actions after suffering motorcycle accidents in New Jersey:

Do Not Flee the Scene of an Accident

It is important to remain at the scene of a motorcycle accident until the police arrive to draft their official accident report. Fleeing the scene of an accident could inhibit your ability to recover damages related to an accident. Furthermore, drivers who leave the scene of a crash may be charged with a hit and run.

Do Not Forget to Call 911

After each motorcycle accident, a police officer must visit the scene to create an official accident report. Such reports may include an officer’s observations from the crash scene or statements from drivers regarding how a crash occurred. Furthermore, after contacting 911, the dispatcher may send an ambulance for anyone who required emergency medical treatment.

Avoid Admitting Fault

It is natural to apologize after a motorcycle accident, even if it was not your fault. However, such statements may be construed as admissions of fault at trial. When conversing with other parties or witnesses to an accident, it is important that you avoid apologizing or making any statement that may be interpreted as an admission of fault.

Avoid Discussing the Accident with Other Parties

You should also avoid discussing the accident with other parties. Such conversations may cause other parties to become hostile and uncooperative. Furthermore, the other party may allege that you apologized or claimed responsibility for an accident.

Do Not Forget to Document the Scene of the Accident

Photographs from the scene of an accident can be very helpful to a New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyer when proving fault. For example, photos of a crushed motorcycle can be used to show that a driver was travelling at excessive speeds when a crash occurred.

Furthermore, photos from a crash scene can help establish property damages caused by an accident. Some defendants may allege that certain damages occurred after the date of a crash. Photo documentation from the accident scene can be used to show that damage was caused by the accident at issue.

Lastly, you should write down your personal recollection of an accident immediately after the crash. Important details may be forgotten over time. Accordingly, a detailed recollection of your accident can help a Cherry Hill motorcycle accident lawyer when building your case.

Do Not Wait to Seek Medical Treatment

Victims should not wait to seek medical treatment after a motorcycle accident in New Jersey. Proper medical documentation of your injuries is required to recover compensation. Accordingly, victims should not wait for injuries to heal on their own. Additionally, defendants’ insurers may use a delay in treatment to complicate the settlement process and decrease the value of your claim. An experienced Atlantic City motorcycle accident lawyer can help refer the appropriate physicians for the treatment of your injuries.

Avoid Speaking to Other Parties’ Insurance Companies without a Lawyer

Additionally, you should not speak to other parties’ insurance companies without a lawyer present. Insurance adjusters often wish to settle cases as quickly as possible. Accordingly, adjusters may make low settlement offers in the immediate aftermath of a motorcycle accident. It is important that you have an experienced New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyer on your side to assess settlement offers and communicate with insurance companies on your behalf.

Do Not Allow Anyone Else Access to Your Medical Records

Defendants’ insurance companies may attempt to use information from your medical background to deny your claim. Therefore, you should not allow anyone else access to your medical records after suffering a motorcycle accident in New Jersey. An experienced Camden motorcycle accident lawyer should be the only other person to view your medical records after a crash.

Avoid Posting Anything About Your Accident on Social Media

A very common mistake victims make is posting pictures of their accident or narratives about their accident on social media websites. It is normal to want friends and family to know what happened to you. However, such posts can inhibit your ability to recover compensation.

Defendants’ insurance companies will likely hire private investigators to comb through your social media pages after filing a case. These investigators will look for any information that can disprove various aspects of your claim.

Do Not Attempt to File a Lawsuit without the Assistance of a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The motorcycle accident lawsuit process can be long and complicated. Accordingly, victims should not attempt to file suit without help. An experienced Jersey City motorcycle accident lawyer can offer guidance and support in each stage of the process. The following are examples of ways in which a lawyer can help:

  • Reviewing your case
  • Gathering evidence
  • Filing your case
  • Negotiating with insurance companies
  • Presenting your case at trial

Each of the aforementioned processes can be very difficult to navigate without the assistance of an attorney.

If You Were Injured Because of a Motorcycle Accident in New Jersey, Our Lawyers Can Help

If you were injured because of a motorcycle accident, seek assistance from an experienced Trenton motorcycle accident lawyer by calling Jerry Friedman at 1-800-529-4464 for a free case review.

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