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What Happens if Both Parties Are Uninsured in a Motorcycle Accident in New Jersey?

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Motorcycle accidents are scary enough. If you and the other party involved don’t have insurance, the process of receiving compensation can get delayed. That’s why it’s important to have the help of an experienced attorney by your side so that you can collect damages as soon as possible.

In New Jersey, when both parties are uninsured in a motorcycle accident, it can be hard for victims to receive compensation. Because of New Jersey’s no-fault laws, motorcyclists may believe that their own personal injury protection insurance extends to a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, it doesn’t, which is unknown to many motorcyclists. In addition, accidents involving a motorcycle often also involve a car. Receiving damages, in that case, becomes even trickier. Motorcyclists need to know that they can still sue, even if they don’t have insurance.

For decades, New Jersey motorcycle accident attorney Jerry Friedman has served the motorcycle community in his area. Jerry believes in representing victims of motorcycle accidents, even if they’re uninsured at the time of an accident. For a free consultation, call New Jersey motorcycle accident attorney Jerry Friedman today at 1-800-529-4464.

What if Both Parties Are Uninsured in a Motorcycle Accident in New Jersey?

After a motorcycle accident, wherein both parties are uninsured, collecting damages can become difficult. In New Jersey, there are no-fault laws for drivers. Motorcyclists may think that their personal injury protection insurance (PIP) will cover their injuries after an accident. However, PIP doesn’t extend to motorcycle accidents; something riders should know before it’s too late.

Motorcycle vs. Motorcycle

A lawsuit is probably in order if both parties are uninsured in a motorcycle accident in New Jersey. When it comes to cars and other auto vehicles, New Jersey instills a no-fault rule. This means that after an accident, all drivers involved must file a claim with their own insurance company. Their PIP insurance will kick in, attempting to cover the medical costs and lost wages a victim has accrued from an accident. Because most New Jersey drivers carry PIP insurance, receiving compensation after an accident can be quicker for victims.

However, this coverage specifically excludes motorcyclists. So, even if you have PIP insurance, it doesn’t include injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident. Motorcyclists may be unaware of this rule and then find themselves at a loss for how to pay for their medical expenses. Of course, motorcyclists still have to carry liability insurance. The difference is, this insurance will only cover injuries you’ve caused, not sustained. So, if you were in a motorcycle accident and were injured by another motorcyclist without insurance, you couldn’t file an insurance claim to receive compensation for your injuries.

Motorcycle vs. Car

Now here’s where it gets tricky. Most motorcycle accidents aren’t between two different motorcyclists. They usually include a motorcycle and a car. As a motorcyclist, your insurance (if you have it) only covers injuries you’ve caused. In New Jersey, a driver’s insurance will only cover injuries they’ve sustained. In an accident between a car and a motorcycle in New Jersey, it’s almost like both drivers are uninsured. That’s because neither person’s insurance will cover expenses if the motorcyclist is injured. You might think that’s confusing – and it is. Unfortunately, New Jersey’s insurance laws don’t account for accidents between motorcycles and cars, which are often the most dangerous kinds of motorcycle accidents.

If both parties in a motorcycle accident are uninsured, or if the accident involved a car, there’s no easy way to file a claim with the opposing driver’s insurance company. That means it becomes much more difficult for victims to get the compensation they need after an accident. Because of that, having the advice of an experienced lawyer, like Camden motorcycle accident attorney Jerry Friedman, is beneficial. Motorcycle accidents are especially dangerous because motorcycles themselves offer little protection. While car owners in New Jersey can rely on themselves to have proper insurance, motorcyclists have to rely on others to maintain insurance in case of an accident.

Can You Sue if Both Parties Are Uninsured in a Motorcycle Accident in New Jersey?

Suing might be your only way to receive compensation after a motorcycle accident in New Jersey if both parties are uninsured. If you are uninsured yourself, you may face fines and penalties as it is illegal to operate a motorcycle without liability insurance in New Jersey. However, since motorcycle liability insurance aims to cover the injuries of an accident caused by the policyholder, having it will not cover your medical costs if you are the victim.

Usually, filing a lawsuit is somewhat of a last resort for victims of a motorcycle accident. The first step is to file a claim with the responsible party’s insurance company, if you live in New Jersey. If they don’t have insurance, there’s no way to quickly receive compensation. So, many victims will decide to sue. Luckily, you maintain your right to sue after an accident even if you did not have insurance at the time. That’s because your failure to carry insurance does not contribute to your injuries. In the case of a motorcycle accident in New Jersey, your required liability insurance won’t cover your injuries anyway.

The first step in filing a lawsuit for an accident where both parties are uninsured is to find a lawyer. East Brunswick motorcycle accident attorney Jerry Friedman has been providing legal help to his New Jersey neighbors since 1977. The right attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve quickly. If the responsible party doesn’t have insurance in a motorcycle accident case, it can take a long time for victims to receive reimbursement. Because motorcycle accidents are often so damaging, victims need to get compensation as soon as possible. When the responsible driver doesn’t have insurance, that process is delayed. Soon, medical bills and lost wages accrue, making the financial impact of an accident so much greater. Beginning the legal process quickly with the help of an experienced lawyer, like Jersey City motorcycle accident attorney Jerry Friedman, is necessary so you can be compensated for your injuries.

If You Are in a Motorcycle Accident and Both Parties Are Uninsured, Our New Jersey Attorneys Can Help

Failing to carry insurance shouldn’t prevent you from receiving the damages you deserve. For a free and confidential consultation, call Bridgewater motorcycle accident attorney Jerry Friedman today at 1-800-529-4464.

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