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Do Insurance Companies Get Motorcycle Accident Footage From Traffic Cameras?

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Motorcycle accidents are very dangerous for riders as they are not protected by an enclosed vehicle and often rely on protective gear for safety. Footage of the accident from traffic cameras may be used in your claim for compensation.

Insurance companies might have several ways of obtaining traffic camera footage of motorcycle accidents. If we discover the footage on our own, we usually have to turn it over to the insurance company so both sides may review it. In cases involving especially high damages, the insurance company may conduct their own investigations and inspections and discover the footage. Once the footage is obtained, we cant review it and use it to prove the other driver caused the accident. Video footage of a motorcycle accident often comes from municipal traffic cameras or private security cameras at homes and businesses near the crash. When presenting the video footage, we must consider whether it helps or hurts your case and if any important details are missing from the video.

Our New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyer Jerry Friedman can help you use any video footage of your accident to your advantage when dealing with insurance companies. For a free case review, call Jerry at 1-800-529-4464.

How Insurance Companies Get Motorcycle Accident Footage From Traffic Cameras

Insurance companies will go to great lengths to avoid paying for costly accidents. In some cases, insurance companies will conduct their own investigations and inspections. In many of these investigations, the insurance company will look for any video footage of the accident that might exist. If you know the insurance company involved in your motorcycle accident is conducting an investigation, you should speak to our motorcycle accident lawyer for help right away. The investigation is not exactly impartial, and insurance companies are always looking for an excuse not to pay.

The insurance company may survey the scene of the accident to determine if any cameras were nearby when the accident happened. While these cameras often include municipal traffic cameras, they might also look for private security cameras. For example, suppose a home or business was near the accident scene. In that case, the insurance company might contact the property owner and ask about security camera footage.

While the insurance company conducts its own investigation, it is important that we conduct one ourselves. Our Camden motorcycle accident lawyer can help you find footage and evidence the insurance company might ignore or overlook so you can get the compensation you are entitled to.

How Motorcycle Accident Footage From Traffic Cameras Might Affect Your Claim

Video footage of your motorcycle accident can shed much light on how the collision happened and who is to blame. However, the footage does not always contain all the important details, and we might only get half the story. At that point, we need to find additional evidence to fill in the gaps and prove the other driver is at fault. Our motorcycle accident attorney can help you use the footage to your advantage or find other evidence supporting your damages claim.

Traffic camera footage of the accident might show a lot or very little. It depends on the camera’s angle and whether it was fixed directly on the accident scene. In some cases, the camera is not pointed directly at the crash scene, and important details are left out of the frame.

For example, the video might show you crashing on your motorcycle toward the edge of the video frame, but the other driver who cut you off is just out of the shot. Even so, the video footage of the accident may be used by insurance companies, even if the footage does not depict the entire accident scene. If the insurance company does not want to consider video footage, it may be because the footage helps your case and hurts theirs.

Alternatively, traffic camera footage might show every last detail of the crash and significantly help your case. For example, the video might show the other driver cutting you off or causing an accident. Insurance companies might settle faster in such cases because they know you have a winning case with strong video evidence. Our East Brunswick motorcycle accident lawyer can help you determine if the traffic camera footage helps or hinders your case, and then we can find additional evidence and plan accordingly.

Presenting Other Footage of Your Motorcycle Accident to the Insurance Company

If we know video evidence of your accident exists, we must find it and review it as soon as possible. If the other driver is indeed at fault for the accident, the video footage from traffic cameras or private security cameras might be the strongest evidence in our arsenal. We can look elsewhere for supporting evidence if the video footage is incomplete or leaves out important details.

We can also speak to witnesses the insurance company might not know about and look for dashcam footage. If the insurance company cannot turn up any video footage or they overlook some, our Cherry Hill motorcycle accident attorney must work to fill in the gaps and prove your claims.

We must be careful about how we present video footage to the insurance company. Footage from only a single angle might not convey the full extent of the accident. Certain details might not be captured in the frame, and the insurance company might reach the wrong conclusion. It is best to treat any video footage of the accident as a piece of a larger puzzle rather than the definitive answer to the question of fault.

What if There is No Traffic Camera Footage of My Motorcycle Accident?

Video footage from traffic and security cameras can significantly help your case, but we must be prepared for the possibility that no such cameras exist. Accidents in less populated and rural areas might not be near traffic cameras. If there are no nearby homes or businesses, there is unlikely to be any security camera footage.

Traffic camera footage is not the final word on your insurance claim. Our Paterson motorcycle accident attorney can help you gather other evidence to support your claims and get compensation from the insurance company. For example, submitting a police report about the crash is an important first step in any motorcycle accident claim. We can also get statements from witnesses and submit your medical records to the insurance company to prove the damages.

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