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Watch Out for These Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Because motorcyclists have more things to pay attention to, they can easily miss a potential crash risk. That being said, it’s important for riders to always be aware of the most common causes behind motorcycle accidents. Some of the biggest threats include left-hand turns, road debris, opening car doors, lane changes, unexpected obstructions and slippery roads.

Left-Hand Turns

Based on human psychology, car drivers are more likely to overlook motorcyclists when making left-hand turns. This is because they are watching for cars. People tend to find what they are searching for while missing everything else. The brain filters out some information to avoid sensory overload. Unfortunately, this can result in accidents when they forget to also look for motorcycles.

Other reasons drivers accidentally hit motorcyclists while making left-hand turns are misjudging the rider’s speed and being distracted. Whenever you see a car waiting to make a turn, stay on guard and be ready to react in case that driver almost collides with you. Staying alert can help you avoid a motorcycle crash or minimize an unavoidable collision.

Gravel and Other Debris

Some motorcyclists crash when they suddenly hit gravel, leaves, sand or debris. This is a bigger risk when you go around a corner too fast. You can avoid this problem by making wide turns and never going faster than your vision can process. You can also take an advanced rider course to learn how to use trail braking for safer turning around corners. However, don’t use trail braking on the road until you’ve mastered it through track practice.

An Opening Car Door

You can avoid opening car doors by never riding between parked cars and traffic. Even if the line of traffic is stopped, it’s not safe to drive in between the two rows of cars. Many people don’t check for motorcyclists before opening their car doors or starting to pull out of a parking spot.

Lane Changes

Because motorcycles are smaller than cars, they tend to fall into a driver’s blind spot. Thus, a car making lane changes is one of the most common causes behind motorcycle accidents. Do your best to stay out of a driver’s blind spot, and stay alert of where cars are. If you can see a driver’s eyes in their mirror, then you’re not in their blind spot. Just remember that they may be distracted, so remain alert.

Hitting Unexpected Obstructions

While riding, you may unexpectedly hit a pothole, dead animal, fallen tree branches, debris from a prior car accident or other unexpected obstructions on the road. These obstructions are especially dangerous for motorcycles, which have to balance on two wheels. Changing lanes that have uneven heights is another hazard that can cause a motorcycle crash.

Slippery Road

Ideally, you’ll never ride in the rain or snow, but we know this isn’t always possible. You may rely on your motorcycle to get to work, or you didn’t expect a sudden downpour while out having fun. To lower potential risks in wet conditions, you’ll need to significantly lower your speed.

Legal Representation for Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists face lots of unique threats on the road; however, they have greater maneuverability that empowers them to sometimes safely move out of the way of a potential collision. Being aware of the common types of motorcycle accidents that can occur and taking an advanced riding course will help you avoid wrecks.

If you were recently in a motorcycle crash caused by another motorist, you may be able to get compensation for your injuries. Consult with a New Jersey motorcycle accident attorney to find out what you can do. Remember that injuries aren’t always apparent right after the accident, which is why it’s important to get a medical exam as soon as possible. It’s also important to keep track of medical bills and any evidence related to the accident. Contact Law 4 Hogs, a New Jersey motorcycle accident attorney, at 1-800-529-4464 for a free consultation call.

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