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What is the Average Time it Takes to Settle a New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit?

It is difficult to predict how long a motorcycle accident will take to settle or go to trial because each case is unique. Some cases are resolved relatively quickly, while others may take months or even years before they come to a close. Determining how long your case will take to settle will depend on a number of factors related to your accident and what you want or need as relief. The more willing the parties are to compromise, the more likely your motorcycle accident lawsuit will settle quickly. However, if one or both parties cannot be convinced to compromise, settlement negotiations may take a while. Read on as Jerry Friedman explains more about how long the average motorcycle accident lawsuit takes to settle in New Jersey.

What is a Settlement for Motorcycle Accidents in New Jersey?

A settlement is when a defendant in a civil lawsuit offers to pay the plaintiff money in exchange for dropping the lawsuit. This allows the plaintiff to get any needed monetary relief and avoid a long, costly trial. Settlements are usually a sort of compromise between the parties. Generally, a plaintiff will not get all the money they believe they are entitled to, but they will get some money.

How much money you get out of a settlement will depend on your initial claims for relief and the defendant. Think of a settlement offer as a negotiation. Your initial claim for relief in your complaint is like your first offer. If the defendant is open to a settlement, they will come back with their own offer, but it will likely be lower than your first one. For example, if you were involved in a motorcycle accident and you want $100,000 in damages, the defendant may make a settlement offer of $50,000. Whether or not you accept the settlement offer is entirely up to you. Our New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyer is here to help you get the best possible settlement.

Can I Get a Settlement for My Motorcycle Accident Quickly in New Jersey?

It is possible to come to a settlement agreement relatively quickly. However, it is also possible that settlement negotiations could drag on for a very long time. How quickly your settlement happens will depend on factors like the amount of money you need, the amount of money the defendant is willing to pay, and how open either party is to a settlement. Sometimes, a defendant or plaintiff is adamant about not settling and they cannot be convinced otherwise. Other times, both parties would rather settle the dispute as quickly as possible and avoid a trial, so the whole process moves a bit quicker.

If you file your lawsuit quickly, both parties are open to settlement negotiations, and you are willing to be flexible during negotiations, you could reach a settlement in a few short weeks. If one or both parties are inflexible or negotiations break down, you may not reach a settlement for several months or longer. Sometimes, cases that become very contentious and heated last for years. Our Camden, NJ motorcycle accident lawyer will help you settle your case as soon as possible.

What Happens Before Reaching a Motorcycle Accident Settlement in New Jersey?

Before reaching a settlement, several factors need to be considered and certain events need to occur. Your motorcycle accident will likely be investigated for insurance purposes. An investigation is also necessary to determine who was at fault for the accident. Not every accident will be clear cut. Sometimes it is very difficult to tell who is responsible for the accident. If you waited to file your lawsuit, there might not be much evidence left to examine.

We will also have to determine what your wants and needs are. Figuring out how much money you need, or how much you believe you are entitled to, is crucial to settlement negotiations. The results of an investigation into your accident, combined with the wants and needs and each party, are major determining factors of how long your settlement will take. Our Gloucester County motorcycle accident lawyer can discuss your case with you and help you figure out just how long it will take for your case to settle.

What If I Do Not Want to Settle My Motorcycle Accident in New Jersey?

Settlements are not required in any civil case. Either party has the option to turn down a settlement offer for any reason. Perhaps you need more money than the other party was willing to offer. You might also wish to hold the other party responsible in a court of law rather than dropping your case in exchange for the settlement offer. Either way, you always have the choice to go to trial.

Taking your case to trial will take much more time than accepting a settlement. Trials tend to be long and frustrating, even at the best of times. Numerous steps must take place before a trial even happens, including discovery, witness interviews, pretrial conferences, and more. Our Trenton, NJ motorcycle accident attorney has the knowledge and experience to help you settle your case out of court or take your case to trial.

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