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Can Red-Light Cameras See Motorcycle License Plates?

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Red-light cameras are increasingly common and are used to deter reckless driving. But can they see motorcycle license plates?

As a motorcycle rider, it is important to know that red-light cameras can see motorcycle license plates. These devices aren’t only to deter reckless drivers of passenger cars or trucks. So, if you run a stoplight that has a red-light camera while riding your motorcycle, you’ll likely receive a fine. In addition to seeing motorcycle license plates, red-light cameras can also see motorcycle accidents if they happen at intersections. To get images from red-light cameras, Jerry will contact the necessary agencies. We will then review those pictures to see if they will be useful to your claim. Not all red-light cameras are triggered during motorcycle accidents. If you cannot get photos from red-light cameras to support your claim, we will use other evidence, such as photos of your injuries, eyewitness statements, and medical records.

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Can a Red-Light Camera See My Motorcycle License Plate?

Red-light cameras don’t take close-up shots of car or motorcycle license plates. These cameras take broader images so that the entire vehicle is captured. This means that a red-light camera will most likely be able to see your motorcycle license plate if triggered, even if it is smaller than a car license plate.

Red-light cameras are designed to take pictures of vehicles that run stoplights. Although cars and trucks are the most common vehicles on the road, that does not mean that a red-light camera cannot snap a picture of your motorcycle license plate if you go through a stoplight.

Because of this, motorcycle riders must slow down at yellow lights and stop at red. You might be fined if you go through a stoplight when it’s red and a red-light camera is at the intersection. All of this depends on whether or not red-light cameras are in your area.

Running stoplights while riding your motorcycle increases your risk of being injured in a crash. Being struck from the side on a motorcycle can result in serious injuries and even death. Furthermore, because you ran a stoplight, you might be unable to recover full compensation for your injuries in a motorcycle accident claim. So, all drivers, but especially motorcyclists, should heed all indications from stoplights, not only to avoid fines but also to avoid injury.

Can Red-Light Cameras See Motorcycle Accidents?

Many motorcycle accidents happen at intersections. If you were hurt at an intersection while riding your motorcycle, it is possible that a red-light camera photographed your accident.

While many drivers do not like red-light cameras because of the possibility of being fined, these devices can be useful to you if you have recently been injured in an accident. Because red-light cameras take wide-angle pictures, they can capture a collision involving a car and a motorcycle.

Motorcycle accidents are common at intersections. Intersection accidents often happen because car or truck drivers simply do not see motorcyclists or do not pay attention to motorcyclists. Intersection accidents might also happen when a driver runs a stoplight, striking a motorcyclist.

Should this happen, and there was a red-light camera at the intersection, your accident might have been photographed. This can result in images that can support your claim for compensation.

Getting Red-Light Camera Pictures of Your Motorcycle Accident

If you believe that a red-light camera took photos of your recent collision, contact Jersey City, NJ motorcycle accident lawyer Jerry Friedman immediately. Jerry can get in touch with the necessary agencies to obtain photos from red-light cameras.

Red-light camera photos of your motorcycle accident might contain identifying information, such as your motorcycle license plate or the license plate of the driver who struck you. We may have to contact local law enforcement agencies to get these images. It is important to immediately obtain pictures from red-light cameras, as they might not be stored for long.

If there was not a red-light camera at the intersection where your accident occurred, or it was not triggered at the time of your collision, there might be other photos you can use to support your claim. Because of that, it is important for victims to speak with eyewitnesses and law enforcement officers who may have taken photos of a motorcycle accident.

Using Red-Light Camera Photos in Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

Suppose a red-light camera was triggered at the time of your motorcycle accident and took photos. In that case, you can use those images to support your claim for compensation against a negligent driver.

We will begin by reviewing the images of the accident from red-light cameras. Suppose the photos clearly show your motorcycle being struck by a negligent driver’s car, and the negligent driver ran a stoplight to trigger the red-light camera. That might be sufficient evidence of the driver’s negligence.

Not all red-light cameras produce useful images. Sometimes, photos taken by red-light cameras are grainy or unclear, especially if the weather is bad. If red-light camera pictures are not useable, we might use other evidence to support your claim.

For example, while red-light cameras produce static images, surveillance cameras produce video footage. The footage might provide a clearer visual of an accident and show a negligent driver running a stoplight and hitting you. To get surveillance footage of your motorcycle accident, we will contact nearby businesses or homeowners that might have security cameras on their properties.

Any photographic evidence of an accident, even if from a red-light camera, can be useful to your case. If red-light camera photos are unavailable, we will use other evidence to strengthen your claim. This will likely include photos of your injuries, your medical records, and witness statements.

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